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Video: Giving up the 38-year Diet

Session 2: Join Naomi and Gina as they discuss Naomi’s weight loss journey without dieting. In only 4 coaching sessions, Naomi has already delved deeper into her relationship with food and uncovered some interesting resulting behaviours. No judgement. No labels. No time frame. Ditch the Diet and Scrap the Scales: Make a Seismic Change

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Video: Ditch the Diet and Scrap the Scales

Session 1: Follow Naomi as she starts her unique Weight Loss journey with Seismic Change. With Gina, losing weight is easier than you’ll believe. After just 2 weeks, Naomi is already profoundly surprised at her own transformation.

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Three Girls, Three Experiences

The triplets were born into a working-class family. Their parents worked hard to make ends meet but showered their three girls with love and attention. Their maternal Grandmother, instrumental in their upbringing always told them that they could achieve anything in life, that they would always be okay. As money was in short supply they […]