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Finding Balance in your Weight Loss Journey | Seismic Change

Video: Mechanical Bulimia with BIB

Session 4: We are 9 coaching sessions in and Naomi shares how a surgical procedure affected her digestion, teeth and hair. As we continue following her 38-year dieting journey, Naomi speaks about regaining any weight she lost and the affect this held over her. Naomi is now finding balance with her weight loss coaching. No […]

Confidence in yourself | Seismic Change |

Video: It’s Not About the Weight

Session 3: Welcome back! Today Naomi and Gina are 6 coaching sessions in.Naomi speaks about other unhealthy habits that formed parallel to her dieting, her journey through vicious weight loss cycles and how positive reinforcement of dieting can also be negative. Plus a recent wobble in Naomi’s weight loss journey allows her to learn her […]

Cover image - Which direction?

Which Direction?

I always wanted to be a nurse, from an early age I was given a uniform, hat and stethoscope. My panda bear was always ill, I would inject him with my pretend syringe of medicine; he always recovered. Years later I qualified as a registered general nurse; having learnt about disorders/diseases and the treatments/surgeries to […]