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Nutraceuticals: Mind and Body Working Together

Video: Nutraceuticals – Mind and Body Working Together

Session 5: Welcome back to Naomi’s Weight Loss Journey. Our initial sessions focused on the vicious cycle of how dieting consumed Naomi, recognising her triggers and escaping that mindset. Now, we’ve moved onto nourishing her body with Nutraceuticals. Naomi is noticing a profound difference in her body shape as the Nutraceuticals boost fat loss, stabilise […]

Atlas holding up the sky - Strength and Resilience

Strength and Resilience

Imagine you are a student within the medical profession sat in a lecture theatre listening to the keynote speaker:  He is telling the story of a woman whose husband came home early from work because he felt unwell. The GP visited giving a diagnosis of indigestion.  Hours later she calls for an ambulance.  He dies […]