Losing Weight: What do you believe?

Losing Weight: What do you believe?

The more I speak with clients the more I learn about underlying limiting beliefs stopping them from losing weight. You may not even be aware of this belief, it may be something that you learnt years ago which has now become an unconscious pattern.  Maybe you are aware why those extra pounds are keeping you […]

Nutraceuticals: Mind and Body Working Together

Video: Nutraceuticals – Mind and Body Working Together

Session 5: Welcome back to Naomi’s Weight Loss Journey. Our initial sessions focused on the vicious cycle of how dieting consumed Naomi, recognising her triggers and escaping that mindset. Now, we’ve moved onto nourishing her body with Nutraceuticals. Naomi is noticing a profound difference in her body shape as the Nutraceuticals boost fat loss, stabilise […]

Atlas holding up the sky - Strength and Resilience

Strength and Resilience

Imagine you are a student within the medical profession sat in a lecture theatre listening to the keynote speaker:  He is telling the story of a woman whose husband came home early from work because he felt unwell. The GP visited giving a diagnosis of indigestion.  Hours later she calls for an ambulance.  He dies […]

Finding Balance in your Weight Loss Journey | Seismic Change

Video: Mechanical Bulimia with BIB

Session 4: We are 9 coaching sessions in and Naomi shares how a surgical procedure affected her digestion, teeth and hair. As we continue following her 38-year dieting journey, Naomi speaks about regaining any weight she lost and the affect this held over her. Naomi is now finding balance with her weight loss coaching. No […]

Confidence in yourself | Seismic Change |

Video: It’s Not About the Weight

Session 3: Welcome back! Today Naomi and Gina are 6 coaching sessions in.Naomi speaks about other unhealthy habits that formed parallel to her dieting, her journey through vicious weight loss cycles and how positive reinforcement of dieting can also be negative. Plus a recent wobble in Naomi’s weight loss journey allows her to learn her […]

Cover image - Which direction?

Which Direction?

I always wanted to be a nurse, from an early age I was given a uniform, hat and stethoscope. My panda bear was always ill, I would inject him with my pretend syringe of medicine; he always recovered. Years later I qualified as a registered general nurse; having learnt about disorders/diseases and the treatments/surgeries to […]

Weight Loss tiles on Blue plate

Video: Giving up the 38-year Diet

Session 2: Join Naomi and Gina as they discuss Naomi’s weight loss journey without dieting. In only 4 coaching sessions, Naomi has already delved deeper into her relationship with food and uncovered some interesting resulting behaviours. No judgement. No labels. No time frame. Ditch the Diet and Scrap the Scales: Make a Seismic Change

Weighing scales and measuring tape

Video: Ditch the Diet and Scrap the Scales

Session 1: Follow Naomi as she starts her unique Weight Loss journey with Seismic Change. With Gina, losing weight is easier than you’ll believe. After just 2 weeks, Naomi is already profoundly surprised at her own transformation.

Three girls walking in the countryside - cover image

Three Girls, Three Experiences

The triplets were born into a working-class family. Their parents worked hard to make ends meet but showered their three girls with love and attention. Their maternal Grandmother, instrumental in their upbringing always told them that they could achieve anything in life, that they would always be okay. As money was in short supply they […]

No Decisions - Winter cover

No Decision is Sometimes the Answer

We read self-help books because we judge that we need helping, that there are aspects of our lives that no longer serve us and we need to change. I have been an avid reader of self-help books for many years but have never been able to follow through with the teaching. I would start to […]